Plant Together, Grow Together

Introducing PROJECT: DiG, Discipleship Growth Groups for youth and adults to find a unique perspective of modern Christianity through discussion-based deep dives into the Word of God. Study groups begin at 10:00 am every Saturday.


Whole Family, every Saturday @ 10:00 am
Led by Kim Marchok

We are working hard to create a place for families to intentionally disciple their little ones. Come with the family and join us for an experiential worship



The unseen

Youth Group, every Saturday @ 10:00 am
Led by Dan Marchok

Unseen forces shape the universe, society, and our lives. It is easy to look at someone and misjudge them, because it’s the unseen, not the seen, that makes us who we are. Hebrews 11:3 says "What is seen, was not made out of what was visible." Heroes arise to accomplish the impossible, ordinary people become extraordinary, and lives are transformed, not based on what they see, but on what they don't see and of which they are yet still sure. They are "...certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1. Join us as we open Hebrews 11 and delve into The Unseen.

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Journeys: Exploring Genesis & Exodus

Intergenerational Adult Group, every Saturday @ 10:00 am
Led by Cece Cobb

Targeted for young professionals, this study takes us on a deep-dive journey through the books of Genesis and Exodus. As we explore God’s overarching narrative of grace and redemption, our study will engage us in the historical/cultural context of the past while also challenging us with life-application questions for today.